Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I create a Yala Chat account?
  2. There are 3 ways to join Yala Chat:
    1. Download the Yala Chat mobile app for Android phone or iPhone
    2. Register on : Complete the easy registration form and in minutes you will be ready to use Yala Chat!
    3. Register at any of the Yala Chat Retailers
  3. How do I make call with Yala Chat?
    1. Via Yala Chat App Enter : + Country Code -> Area Code -> Phone Number Example calling to Indonesia : +62 1234567890
    2. Via Access No
      1. Dial the Access Number : 6916 1118
      2. Select Language
      3. Enter : 00 -> Country Code -> Area Code -> Phone No Example calling to Indonesia: 00 62 1234567890
  4. How do I make free calls with Yala Chat? Free calls are only available via the Yala Chat App. In order to make free calls, the other party has to have Yala Chat account as well as Yala Chat app installed on their phone. You can use all free communication features like free call, free video, free chat and sending pictures, videos, emoticons etc.
  5. What is the User name for my Yala Chat Portal Log In? This will be your registered mobile number. Please add country code in front. Example: 6591234567
  6. What is the password for my Yala Chat Portal Log In? Please set the password via Yala Chat App under ‘My Profile’. Thereafter, you can use the password to log in at the portal.
  7. How do I check my call history? You can Log In to Yala Chat Portal to check your paid call history under ‘Account’ -> ‘Billing’.
  8. How do I add fund to my account?
  9. There are 3 ways to add fund:
    1. Log In to Yala Chat to do the Top-up via PayPal/Credit Card (Visa, Master, Amex).
    2. Purchase Yala Chat Top-up card from Yala Chat Retailers. You can top up via the access no 6916 1114 or via the Yala Chat App under ‘Account’ -> ‘Voucher’.
    3. Top up via Apple store or PayPal/Credit Card (Visa, Master, Amex) in Yala Chat App under ‘Account’.
  10. Where can I find the rates?
    1. Click here to view Yala Chat’s rates.
    2. Log In to Yala Chat Portal to check the rates under “Account”
    3. Yala Chat App under “Account”.
  11. Can I transfer credit to another Yala Chat user?
  12. Yes. Simply Log In to Yala Chat Portal -> ‘Account’ -> ‘Top Up’ -> ‘Balance Transfer’.
  13. Is there any surcharge or hidden fee?
  14. There is NO surcharge or hidden fee with Yala Chat.
  15. When is the expiry date?
  16. There is NO expiration with Yala Chat!